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Dwarfism is NOT a Pain In the Ass: Costco Shopping at 4′ With Kids

Normally, I just fly through my life not thinking of my size. Afterall, my size does not define me. I am a mother, sister, cousin, niece, friend, artist, advisor, parent, activist, meddler, peddler, dishwasher, taxi driver, peace maker, marketer, public servant, etc. All the things that define you, define me. Your size, color, ethnicity does not define you. It is a part of you as it is for me. And there are moments when I’m flying through my days to get things done when I think of other people. Today it was the Parents of Little People. I thought, “Look! I do all this at my size.” But, then I thought, do I really need to point out some boring trip to Costco? Well, someone just put the stakes on the table when they said dwarfism is a pain in the ass. Uh, have you ever had kids, a spouse, and a household to run? Yeah, don’t tell me about dwarfism being a pain in the ass. It’s friggin’ 96 degrees and I’m running through Costco with kids and not complaining about my life. I’m just doing it because I ran out of Mexican Shredded Cheese and kids need quesadillas!!!

Here’s the cool thing about life: someone is always going to be there to help you or you’re going to figure it out for yourself. On my to-do list for today: go get mini-fridge from hubby to return to Costco, then get the Costco list done— with kids in 96 degree weather. Yup, totally do able. How did you get that mini-fridge that ain’t so mini to an LP into your van by yourself? Hubby just asked his co-worker to put it into the van. The cool thing about being a nice person is that nice people will do something simple like that for you. And that’s how relationships start. It also helps that I knew I would find a Costco employee gathering shopping carts in the front to get a flat cart and bring the mini-fridge to customer service. Why? Because they get paid to do that.

Ask anyone. Shopping at Costco with a full list and two kids is like: I’d rather stay at home and wait for the husband to help. Well, not me. I am a mama on the go and I gotta get my list done. So, with two kids in tow, fighting every 10 minutes and stopping every 15 minutes I get my list done. I’m pulling my cart from the front because it’s easier to see and I don’t run over my kids who are walking ever so slowly because they’re fighting and trying to eat samples. I climb on edges of shelving or refrigerated areas and just grab my stuff and go. My cart is filled to the max with huge packages of toilet paper and paper towels with perishibles sweating, waiting to get home.

It’s almost dinnertime and it dawns on me. CRAP! I need to feed the family. I start thinking in my Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, mode. Every mom does. I ran out of the yummy chicken I made in the crock-pot last night. Darn, Plan A out the window. Plan B: I have left over brown rice and some pasta I made. BINGO! Costco rotisserie chicken is not the best thing in the world, but my Plan C was to feed them Costco hotdogs and pizza. At least, I’m not feeding them frosting, right? I get my chicken, cart, and children to the cashier and go. They even had someone bring the cart to the exit to hand off to another cart guy to bring my stuff to the car and load it in. Cha-ching!

Morals of the story:
Be nice and people will be nice to you. Be attentive and think ahead. Always have a plan or four. Last, and this is key: Shop at places with awesome customer service and accessibility like Costco. It’s no wonder they are one of the Top 25 Companies To Work For.

And when I got home, all four of us, kids included, helped unload and put away the groceries. That is what you call teamwork and family. The only dwarf moment: I sat in my son’s Ikea armchair and realized even with my achon butt, I can fit into it quite nicely without my legs dangling. I just hope it doesn’t break. 😀

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  • Maggi 06/09/2013, 11:04 pm

    Be nice to people and they will be nice to you, so simply stated and so true!

  • Alex 12/09/2013, 5:45 pm

    I found your blog on reddit, and really enjoyed your first few posts. Great writing style, honest, a touch of humor. I hope you continue to write- I’ll be reading!

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