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#GFOW: Don’t you dare take a picture of me!

After over 15 years together, one thing my husband has learned is that a Filipina’s temper is the worst of it’s kind. As a people, we shower you with good hospitality, a big loving family (with drama and gossip), and we will give you the shirt off our backs. But, once you do us wrong, you’d better watch your back. And once you do me wrong: Get the F*ck Out of the Way.

Camera phones and technology (social media, etc.) is changing the human race for the better and for the worse. Physiologically, our eyes will worsen and we will have less fine motor skills. Socially, we are becoming less sensitive to each other’s space. Kids don’t talk to adults the way they used to. Adults feel they can take a photo of anything and anyone that’s “odd” or “interesting”.

Lately, it’s happened to me more often than I’d like and it’s not because we’ve been in the news for the World Dwarf Games 2013. Stupid people have taken pictures because it’s “oh so interesting” that I’m getting out of my car in my swim suit after going to the pool with my kids or working out with my son at his karate class. It is a good thing that we have freedom of speech in the USA, but people have come to abuse it. Our forefathers did not know that technology would change our values. Nor did they intend that amendment to include ridiculing people for their differences.

I don’t take photos of anyone besides my family and friends. Pay it forward and do the same. Maybe we’ll bring society back to where it used to be — respectful and sensitive.

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  • Mirna 25/08/2013, 3:37 pm

    Last week we were on vacation and when we were checking out of our hotel a woman approached me in the lobby to ask me for my email so that she can send me a photograph she took of my kids at the beach! I was taken aback at first, not sure what to think or say about that, but it didn’t feel right. I decided to let it go because you could only see the girls’ backs (they were hugging and watching the ocean). I still felt a little violated though. You just don’t take photos of people without permission, different or not. It is rude and intrusive and freaky. I hope you felt comfortable unleashing your Filipina temper!

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